DUO Android UX change bug

generate a duo request to android phone

phone duo notification with

attempted login from bla
<view actions>
<approve>    <deny>

note: this is how it’s always worked - the “view” and “approve” buttons are both semantically affirmatives, and both on the left, so from muscle memory, a double tap should become an approve

you’ve recently, inexplicably, switched the locations of approve and deny, so a double tap now results in a deny

worse, that’s followed by a full screen view saying

was this a suspicious login

yes     no

note, now the semantics are back to affirmative being first, so pressing that will result in an mistaken, illegitimate suspicious activity report (I would bet if you check your data you will have seen a recent massive uptick in suspicious activity reports - rest assured this is NOT legitimate suspicious activity, or your users suddenly being more vigorous reporters of suspicious activity - it is 100% explained by this UX bug)

Note that this is in addition to the very basic content shifting bug I’ve reported previously

I don’t mean to be uncharitable, but these are very very basic UX gripes and it’s kind of astonishing how Duo manages to botch what can, should be, and in other apps is a very very simple single interaction

see the example of how Okta does it Android notification content shifting - #6 by ffriis

note how the whole thing is reduced to a single interaction, ie no need to first press “view actions” before pressing an outcome, completely avoiding the issue of content shifting (which, admittedly, I’m grateful you ended up fixing, but still, it wouldn’t even have arisen in the first place) and completely avoiding this issue i’m now reporting

it’s really unclear why Duo couldn’t use the same simple single press style, optimally with the affirmative approve ON THE LEFT as it always has been before and as it is in virtually all other apps

@Amy Apologies for pinging you individually, but I’d really like to ask if there’s any chance there could be some feedback on the above from UX at Duo?

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Hi @ffriis, no need to apologize. Thank you for tagging me in this! I thought I had replied to your post, so I am sorry to see that I did not. We immediately shared this feedback with our mobile team, because you raise some very good and thoughtful points regarding this experience. I’ll follow up with them today to see if there is any comment they’d like to share. I know they were taking this into consideration.


no need to apologize

Sorry, I will still apologize :slight_smile: especially for the tone of the message, I was just kind of frustrated and annoyed when I wrote it

Really appreciate the attention and look forward to any feedback or fixes :ok_hand:

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