Can I use a third-party 2FA mobile app?

According to this discussion the Duo Mobile app can work as a passcode generator for other 2FA systems.

Is the reverse also true? In other words, can I use a third-party 2FA application to generate passcodes that will work with Duo? Obviously, the app and the Duo system would have to work off the same security key, but is anything else needed?


Hi @erich,

We don’t support use of any 2FA app with Duo’s service except Duo Mobile.

@DuoKristina, Thank you for the answer although I didn’t really ask about support.

I asked about the possibility of using a third-party app because the Duo Mobile app is not available on non-iOS/non-Android platforms. There are other 2FA apps on other platforms that generate passcodes using standard TOTP and HOTP algorithms.

Since for passcode generation:

  • 3rd-party hardware token passcode -> Duo
  • Duo Mobile app passcode -> 3rd-party 2FA app

It appears that Duo and Duo Mobile are not using a proprietary algorithm for passcode generation, so it seems reasonable that you would at least know if:

  • 3rd-party 2FA app passcode -> Duo

I’d like to think you’d trust that your product is good enough that folks who have the option to use Duo Mobile will do so, and thus you would be willing to offer cursory support to the few (almost certainly technically savvy) folks who don’t have that option.


My response stands. If you have additional questions feel free to contact Duo Support.