Windows Hello WebAuthn, adding

How does one add Windows Hello as a WebAuthn device? We have all WebAuthn & U2F policy choices enabled (I don’t see any for Hello like there is for Touch ID). I do have physical security keys and a Mac Touch ID device registered to my account.

On my Windows system which has Windows Hello, the Duo WebAuthn demo website works with two browsers I tested (Edge and Firefox): I was able to register and login.

Hi Phil, Duo currently doesn’t support Windows Hello, though this is something we are working on for the future. We can’t share updates publicly in the community, but there is a feature request. For anyone reading, you can have your name added or request more information from your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager (if you have one) or the Duo Support team.

You may still be able to get it to work, as you’ve noted, despite the lack of official support. If others in the community have advice to offer you, I’d be interested to see.