Verifying Users with Duo Push

Hi - very interested in the " Verifying Users with Duo Push" feature - is this available on Free accounts? I’m not seeing the option in my user management pages.

Yes, you can deploy Duo to your customers for the sole purpose of using Help Desk push with only the free licensing. Obviously, they’d prefer you were protecting all ingress points like you should. The idea is this will be an easy conversion once you deploy for Help Desk push.

Thanks for your reply, Adam, but are you sure about that? When I go to the user section of the admin site, that item is just not there? In the docs, it appears between Logs and Send to Trash, but on all my users it’s just not there, I just see Logs and Send to Trash with nothing between. Duo Push is definitely working - I’m using it for RD Gateway and RD Web, but that Verify User feature would be handy and it’s just not there in the website when I log in. Are you sure it’s in the Free Tier? It would be a reason to upgrade if not, even though I’m only protecting 3 users. Thanks for any help you can offer.

Hi @solmssen, great question! Thank you for sharing it with the community. This feature is not available on the Duo Free edition, as noted in our help article here. You need at least Duo MFA to have access to it.

As both you and @adam.palmer have noted here, Duo Push works on all versions of Duo including the free edition. It’s only the Verify Users with Duo Push feature, sometimes called Helpdesk Push, that is limited to paid editions of Duo. This feature allows you, the admin or help desk manager, to send a push to verify the identify of a user before you or another admin in your org makes a change at the request of that user, like resetting someone who is locked out back to “Active” status.

Hope that helps!

Hi @Amy ,

Is that a recent change? When you rolled it out to MSPs that’s not what was communicated.

Sorry for misleading you @solmssen

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no worries Adam - thanks for following up! Looking forward to clarification from Duo, looks like it doesn’t match what you were told…

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I bet the difference is free account vs Managed Service Provider (MSP) account. That’s likely my bad for conflating the two account types.

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Hi Adam, nope there is no change here! To clarify, MSP accounts differ from the Duo Free edition and our other accounts. The Helpdesk Verification feature is not available in Duo Free accounts, and instead requires you to have a paid account. However, MSPs can utilize Helpdesk Push for all sub accounts in an MSP console and not be charged for the users in those accounts, as long as there are no applications protected. Once you protect an application in that Duo account, you will be charged for that account. Does that help? Let me know if you have any other questions on this!

Thanks @Amy that clears it up. Sorry again @solmssen for the misinformation.

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