Using hardware tokens while on free plan

I have the free plan and one of the official help pages says that users on any plan can use hardware tokens. In the admin portal, I am able to add hardware tokens and assign them to users, but the users don’t get the token as an option on the traditional prompt for applications. I can’t access the authentication methods policy but what I see online says that hardware tokens should be enabled by default. Does anyone have experience with this?

The UI for entering a passcode from a hardware token is different depending on what Duo application it is and how the prompt is delivered.

Generally, you shouldn’t expect to see the OTP hardware token as an explicit choice in Duo traditional prompt and Windows Logon. You just choose the “Enter a passcode” option and then enter the passcode from the token (or any other type of OTP code).

The Duo Universal prompt does show hardware token as an explicit option amongly all available methods: