Urgent support for Cisco Login, Student here

Hi All
I was using Duo two factor login for getting into cisco packet tracer however I did a factory reset of my phone few days ago. Now I am unable to set up Duo mobile on my phone again. Downloaded the app however it doesnt recognise the account & I am clueless, trying everything I can.

I need to log into packet tracer to do an assignment which is due in 2 days. Any help / guidance will be really appreciated.

** I created the account here to post this question & thought maybe the app will now recognize my details however still it hasnt work.


Was a backup within Duo ever taken? I assume not, thus, it’s going to be painful getting your Duo set up again. First, you have to somehow remove 2FA from the packet tracer login. Then set it up with 2FA after you have gotten Duo installed and re-enrolled. Work with your school IT to get help. Good luck.