Unsync Accounts that are adsynced


I have a duo instance that I originally setup to use AD Sync (long ago). I can still login to it without issue, however I’d like to unsync the accounts in the instance so I can delete some of them.

Sent 0 users to the Trash. 1 user was not deleted because they are managed by Directory Sync.

The sync server doesn’t exist anymore, and the instance is using all 10 of the free users so I can’t create a non-synced admin user to replace the current admin user even if I could delete them. Am I SOL?


This would go away if you could delete the configured directory from the Duo Admin Panel.

Did you configure the sync during a trial of a paid edition, and now that your account downgraded to the free edition you are unable to update the directory sync config to delete that directory (because the entire sync feature UI is gated by the upgrade edition flag)?

If that describes your current issue, try sending an email to Duo Support. While we usually don’t provide support to free accounts, I think they can temporarily let you access that feature to delete the directory.


yep thats pretty much what happened. thanks.