U2F keys in Firefox


When will duo support u2f keys in Firefox? A yubikey has worked in firefox for months using an add-on, and with firefox 57 released a few weeks ago the u2f support is native; it works with many 2fa systems but not yet with duo.

the current message is:
“Your browser does not support U2F token authentication.
Please use a U2F compatible browser.”

i have heard of people using a user-agent switcher to spoof chrome, then supposedly duo will work with u2f keys, but i have not tested this and prefer not to use this regularly.



We are aware of Firefox’s native U2F support and plan to support it for authentication (but I can’t give you a specific date).


Great, thanks! good to hear it’s on the horizon.


Yes, my university rolled out Duo, and I’m anxiously awaiting the ability to use Firefox with my yubikey U2F device