Timeout extension

Hi here!
We have one of our clients who are using Duo, and it works fine with authentication via app and call if we reply within the timeframe. However when they try to extend the timeout it doesn’t recognize and sits at the default 12 seconds.They have tried several areas in extending the timeout and changed several settings but still unable to extend the timeout. We’re not sure if we’re missing a setting somewhere. At present 12 seconds is not enough to listen to the call and submit an answer.

You don’t mention what Duo application your clients use. Is it Cisco ASA? If so, please take a look at this article:

Why is the Cisco AnyConnect client connection attempt disconnecting after 12 seconds when I have increased the timeout?

Sorry, yes it’s Cisco ASA.

Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately, still the timeout can’t be increased beyond the default 12 seconds.

Have you tested it yourself? Are you able to increase the timeout more than 12 seconds?

Yes, I personally verified this solution on a lab ASA device many years ago before it was added to our documentation/knowledge base. Many customers have used that solution since then with success.

Consider contacting Duo Support or Cisco TAC if you need further assistance.