Recovery password not working on new phone


I use the free Duo two step authenication software on my phone to manage my website. I have changed phones and the recovery password is not being accepted. What can I do to reconnect my accounts ion the new phone???


Olá, eu estou enfrentando esse mesmo problema, só que com a conta do Instagram, já conseguiu resolver?

sadly not.

I am very frustrated that it hasn’t worked.

Just found this in one of Duo documents

If Duo Mobile accounts cannot be recovered via Duo Restore or other means, contact an IT administrator at your organization for help reactivating your Duo accounts. Duo Support will not be able to help troubleshoot.

This is really very poor. My recovery password is correct. This is just poor management.

Hi Grey,

Sorry to hear you are having this frustrating experience. We need more info in order to be able to help you properly. What type of website or account are you trying to access? When you say “recovery password”, are you referring to the password you set yourself in Duo Mobile to back up accounts, or do you mean a code an account service provider such as Instagram or Facebook gave you? My final question: Where and how are you using this code? If you can walk me through the steps you’ve taken so far, I may be able to provide some guidance.

We also address this question around third-party account (those like FB or IG) lockouts in a thread here.

Hi Amy,

Thank you for responding. I really do appreciate it.
My website is my company website that is hosted by siteground. I use DUO two step authenication as part of the security.
The recovery password is my DUO mobile recovery password that I set up when I installed duo and linked it to my account at siteground.

Steps so far.
I have changed my phone and restored the old apps which includes DUO.
The app says to reconnect to my accounts I need to reconnect
When I go to the reconnect screen it says that I can automatically reconnect using my recovery password
At this point I enter my recovery password and it can’t find it.

I know that the password is correct. I have 2 attempts left.

Can I simply establish a new link to the website from siteground and ignore the previous links or will I fall foul of the fact that it wont accept my recovery password??

Awesome, thank you so much for providing those details. It’s odd that your recovery password isn’t working, since it seems you followed the correct steps.

Yes, if you are still able to log in to siteground, you can disable and then re-enroll in 2FA there. Once re-enrolled, you can then delete the old entry for siteground from Duo Mobile.

Thanks Amy I will give it a try but I am still really disappointed that the recovery password didn’t work.