How transfer Duo mobile to new iOS device? End-user


Hi, I have been using Duo to store 2-factor passwords for various websites. I am not part of an “organization” and there is no administrator. All the help docs seem to assume I have this?

I backed up my old phone using iTunes, then restored to my new iPhone using the restore feature.

Duo is there, but when I open it, it is empty and does not have my 2-factor auth. listed.

Pages like this one assume I have an admin panel? But the mobile app does not provide this:

There is no “company” to reconnect to, the new phone just says:

“Welcome to Duo mobile”

Add account (which brings up the QR code scan) and that is about it.

The old phone is still under my care, but I do not see any options there either to add a device.

Is there just no way to transfer passcodes between my two phones since I am a consumer (not attached to an organization) instead of a user part of a admin account system?

I have like 20 passcodes on this phone, so it would be a real pain to have to re-configure all of them manually on all 20 websites.

Thank you!


Unfortunately, we do not currently offer a restore functionality for third-party accounts (the ones you are using Duo Mobile to generate passcodes for). You will have to reconnect those accounts to Duo Mobile manually. If you have generated recovery codes for some of those services, they may expedite the process.

We are working on a fully-fledged third-party restore functionality that we hope to release soon.


Okay that is a highly anticipated feature then! I will go through each of them one-at-a-time and reset them up on the new phone, gladly I still have the old phone!!