Duo Sync Issues: Staff/Student Employee user exists University and remains a Student

Hello All,
Michael Ellis - Project Manager from Boise State University. Leading the implementation for Duo at the University. Had a specific scenario and wanted to know if anyone else has encounter this and if so what actions their organization took to mitigate the issue.

Scenario : is a user leaves working at the University and stays on as a student. Due to Duo rules within the software unless manual intervention occurred the user in this scenario would not not have access for 7 days or until someone with the proper access deletes the trash (whichever is sooner).

Potential Process when an employee or student employee is off-boarding and is remaining as a student:

  1. Off boarding Department personnel needs to notify IT Accounts of the user leaving
  2. IT Accounts needs remove from the Active Directory group
  3. IT Accounts needs to notify Duo Admin User
  4. Duo Admin User pushes a manual sync to update to
  5. Duo Admin User needs deletes the user from the ‘trash bin’