Cannot install in a Vivo smartphone

Hi everyone,

I do have a Vivo smartphone running Android 11 and I am unable to download Duo Mobile App from Google Play Store. The message showed is the following: “This app is incompatible with your device.”
My College demands me to get this specific app to secure my account and I am unable to do it.
Unfortunately, the university only provide this way to use 2-factor authentication.
I have tried many ways including creating virtual machine by VMOS, etc. While the android version is too old.

Can somebody help me fix this issue?

Hi @Jinjian_Chen ,

We can’t guarantee Duo Mobile support on customized or non-standard Android distributions, and it sounds like that the case for your Vivo phone. This knowledge base article has a bit more info: Can I add Duo Mobile accounts on an OPPO ColorOS, LineageOS, OnePlus device, or other non-standard Android device?.

Please share this article with your university’s help desk and request they provide you an alternative Duo authentication methods to log into their services.