Apple Watch Push Notification suggestion: buttons side-by side?

I have a suggestion for a UI tweak on the Apple Watch push notifications.

I’m using an Apple Watch 4 (44mm) running the latest watchOS (7.1)

Currently, the push notifications come up on a scrollable screen with three buttons: Approve, Deny, and Dismiss. Since all three are narrow, horizontal buttons, and it’s easy to accidentally scroll the notification, it’s easy to accidentally move the UI elements and hit the wrong button. I might be more ham-fingered than most, but this happens to me about 1/10 of the time if I’m not careful.

I can think of two possible tweaks that would improve the situation:

  1. Make the Deny/Approve buttons taller and put them side-by side. They’d take up the same vertical area, but would be harder to miss. I’d also put “Deny” to the left and “Approve” to the right as that would be easier for right-handed people (righties can use the edge of the watch as a physical reference for one of their other fingers).

  2. Even just making the buttons slightly taller would be better as they’d be harder to miss, though I don’t know the UI constraints on the different apple watch screen sizes.

Hi @aph,
Welcome to the Duo Community! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us and for including such specific details as what version of the Apple Watch and OS you’re currently using. That’s always helpful for understanding comments in context.

You’re not alone in feeling this way! One of the common requests we get from Duo Mobile users on the Apple Watch is to enlarge the buttons for easier use. The team is working on a number of improvements to the app functionality right now. I will make sure to share your feedback with them.

My watch is a 44mm Apple Watch 4 currently running watchOS 7.2. I ran into the same issue on older versions of watchOS on that 44mm (watch OS 5-7.2) and on older OSes on a 42mm Watch 2.