Activation code

How can I get a activation code?

Hi @Laptop, your Duo admin typically provides you with an activation code. These can be sent as Duo Mobile activation texts or emails to users created via automatic and manual enrollment methods from the Duo Admin Panel.

What type of account are you trying to use with Duo? For third-party accounts like Facebook or Instagram, we generally recommend following the service provider’s instructions for setting up 2FA. Here are some steps that show how that works on Instagram: How to Setup Duo 2FA for Instagram | Duo Security

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Hi again, thanks for letting us know what type of account you are using with Duo. Friendly reminder that it is against community guidelines to share any personal contact information for your own and others’ privacy and security.

Since it looks like you’re using Duo to log in to a school email, your IT help desk will be able to assist you. If they are requiring 2FA, it’s likely they would have sent out instructions for enrolling in Duo. Are you setting up Duo for the first time, or did you previously have Duo Mobile working for your account? Either way, please contact your school’s help desk. It looks like they have a few resources on how to use Duo, including how to add Duo to your new phone. Their help desk portal and contact info are here if you are not familiar: OIT HelpDesk | Office of Information Technology