Community Guidelines


By participating in the Duo Community, you agree to abide by the following guidelines regarding standards of conduct and information security within the community. If you violate any of these guidelines, your Duo Community user account may be suspended, terminated, or otherwise restricted from participating in the Duo Community.

All guidelines are subject to moderator interpretation and any violations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, at Duo’s sole discretion.

  1. You will not post any information that compromises the security of any third party or third party data, including Duo customers or customer employees. This includes physical addresses, real names, phone numbers, and Duo account information. The Duo team reserves the right determine whether a post, image, or any other media compromises the security of any third party or third party data.

  2. You will not solicit other users for their personal or corporate information, including contact information. We’re okay with you privately sharing this information with other users if you and your organization are comfortable with it.

  3. You will not post links to sites that illegitimately prompt users to enter their login credentials for any service.

  4. You will not post spam of any kind including text, images, and links.

  5. You agree to communicate with other Duo Community users and moderators in a mature and respectful manner.

  6. You will not post any content that Duo Community moderators deem inappropriate. This includes pornographic content and racist, sexist, or otherwise bigoted content. If you are unsure whether an image or statement is inappropriate, you probably shouldn’t post it.

  7. You agree not to “bump” any discussion threads more than once a day. “Bumping” is replying to a thread in order to raise its position higher on the board but without answering the question or adding to the conversation. We’ve put a character minimum on responses to prevent people from simply typing “bump,” which can be seen on many boards, but posting a message such as “Does anyone have an answer to this?” without additional context could also be considered bumping.

  8. You agree to refrain from using profanity when interacting with Duo Community users and moderators.

  9. You agree to not discuss any topics that do not relate to Duo Security products or general digital security topics.

  10. You agree to use punctuation and proper sentence structure when writing community posts.

If you have questions about any of these guidelines, please send an email to