You’re invited: Get access to a redesigned Duo Mobile as an official beta tester

Hey all! I’m on the Product team at Duo, responsible for our Mobile application.

Duo Security is currently recruiting new beta testers for Duo Mobile as we prepare to launch the next evolution of the app. Would you like to join us?

As a beta tester, you will get early access to the latest Duo Mobile functionality, including a complete redesign of the app that we have been working on for the past 12 months. We are excited to share our work with you!

Duo Mobile beta testers receive:

  • Access to regular releases of beta functionality via TestFlight for iOS or the Google PlayStore for Android.
  • Regular discussion with the Duo Security Mobile Team through a private forum and optional feedback calls.
  • Recognition of your status as an official Duo beta tester with a Duo Community badge and title.

What we ask of you:

  • Be a Duo administrator or a Duo Mobile end-user.
  • Provide regular feedback on beta functionality by participating in our beta-testing forum and through the app itself.
  • Participate in the beta testing program for up to 6 months, or leave when you need to.
  • Be honest! We value your expert opinion.

If you’re an admin that uses Duo for your organization, we would also love it if you could recruit a few end-users from your organization to become testers. Having non-technical users participate in testing is critical to developing a successful app!

For this round of testing, we are recruiting a limited number of participants, so please let us know if you are interested by filling out this brief form.

Feel free to ask questions below.