Wordpress login loop after DUO authentication


I just installed DUO on a Wordpress site. Install and setup/enrollment worked perfectly.
But now my user (admin role) end up in a login loop.

I enter username and password. DUO come up and i authenticate with Push on my smartphone. DUO says “logging in” and then i return to the WP login screen. And can repeat this in endless loop.

DUO dashboard confirm user as granted.

How do i solve this or deactivate DUO without Wordpress user access?


Hi Mikkel, I have run into a similar issue. To deactivate the Duo plugin without WordPress user access, you can either disable it via FTP or contact WordPress support and work with them to resolve the issue.

As for what caused this, it sounds like you may have installed the plugin “locally” on a domain instead of at the top-level multisite/WordPress dot com network admin. Try activating it via WordPress dot com next time.