Windows Logon and Duo


Hi! I use Duo for MFA on my Windows PC. Last week I had to factory reset my Android phone. Prior to resetting my phone, Microsoft RDP (logon for my Windows PC) was listed in the Duo app. After resetting my phone, it no longer shows up in the app. I still get push notifications which I can approve to log in though. Having the account listed in Duo was handy because if I didn’t have an internet connection on my phone, I could press the little key button and get a bypass code to log in. I’ve tried a bunch of things, but can’t get my Microsoft/Windows account to show up in the app again. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can get it back? Thank you!!


Hi there Michael,

Push should not continue to work unless the account appears in Duo Mobile, so let’s make sure your user account is properly reactivated. This will allow you to get pushes for protected applications and generate passcodes as needed. To do so, you’ll need to follow the process here:

If you’re not a Duo administrator, you’ll need to follow up with your help desk team.


Hi Dooley! I did go through those steps to reactivate my account. Afterwards, I was getting pushes for logging in to my computer, but the account still didn’t show up in Duo Mobile. I even tried completely deleting the application and setting it up from scratch but I got the same results. I am absolutely stumped right now!


Hmmm! You have absolutely stumped me and a whole bunch of support folks and engineers here with this one. The only thing we can think may be going on here is that you’ve reactivated Duo Mobile for your administrator account, so you can get pushes for accessing the Duo Admin Panel, but not you haven’t reactivated your user account in order to access applications and have it added back into the Duo Mobile home screen. Please try deleting the app again, reinstalling it, and make sure you’ve reactivated both.

If that doesn’t solve your issue, please reach out to our Support Team at your earliest convenience so we can do some in-depth troubleshooting.