Windows Login Troubleshooting

I have setup my user in the duo admin. I then installed the windows login software 4.2
however when i logout and log back in to test it - the login screen just hangs.
I have watched the demos and the regular windows login should appear for the user and then they will be prompted by duo. but i am not even getting to the first windows login screen. i then have to boot into safe mode and uninstall via the command line.

my user is logging into a local account on the machine - but i did setup the user in duo with the user name to match.

any ideas?


Hi @lori.cohen
Welcome to the Community!

I’ve see this issue happen primarily when the user is using a Personal Microsoft Account to sign in and not a local account, so that would be the first thing I would check.

The workaround for that kind of user is to make sure that the “Don’t Display Last Username” is set and working. This setting can be a bit annoying for users who are used to just putting in their password, however we have found it a best practice for all of our clients.

I know that you had mentioned that this user is using a local account already, however I’m wondering if the same fix will work for you there.