Windows Login Remember Me Feature Not working


We recently deployed the RDP agent to all of our Windows systems (server and workstation). We were excited when logging in locally to have the “Remember Me” option. It worked fine for the first week or two, but no longer works. The box is checked, and it’s enabled in the policy, but we can lock the PC, walk away for 5 minutes, come back and have to Duo auth again.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Thanks in advance!

This KB article describes some common reasons that an existing Duo for Windows Logon trusted session might end unexpectedly.

Do the systems where you see this have multiple NICs (like both wired and wireless or servers with dual cards)? Might they be systems on WiFi bouncing between access points?

The next step to troubleshoot this would be to enable debug logging for Duo on an affected Windows system, and then look for where it determines there isn’t an existing valid session to see if there’s a recognizable cause.

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