Windows Built-In VPN Client Issues

Has anyone seen this before, and if so, what is the cure?

Action needed, but no system prompt, no DUO prompt.

Ultimately times out. I am curious as to why there is a request for action, but no push and no next steps.

I can add a basic framework of my setup for reference.
Configuration Elements

  • Peplink Balance One Core edge router
  • Server 2012 R2 Domain Controller with NAP
  • Server 2019 VPN Server with RRAS + NAP + DUO Proxy
  • DUO config - I have tried several approaches Radius client, AD client, both, etc.
  • I have ports 443 open in/out on all relevant devices
  • Test device: Windows 10, Built-In VPN client

UPDATE: I figured it out. If you also are trying to do this, I will post a walk-thru.

While I do not need this (yet), Iā€™m sure many, including myself, would love it if you could post your solution. Thank you, @shedev.

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