Windows 10 20H2 support ends a year early

In the most recent release notes it was noted that Windows 10 20H2 support is ending May 2022 to align with Microsoft’s End of Servicing policy. 20H2 for Education and Enterprise End of Servicing is until May 2023 though.

Since Duo is an enterprise product I would prefer they follow the enterprise lifecycle policy.

Windows 10 Enterprise and Education - Microsoft Lifecycle | Microsoft Docs

Hi @jonathanb, thanks for sharing your feedback with us here in the Duo Community! There is an open feature request about Windows edition detection in the Duo Device Health App, which you may be interested in. To add your name to the list in support of this feature, please contact the Duo Support team or your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive if you are a Duo Care customer.

To provide some background as to why this is the case, we currently don’t distinguish between editions on an endpoint. We have chosen to follow the Home edition support schedule rather than Enterprise because the Device Health app originally was intended for BYOD which would most likely not be running enterprise editions of Windows. As we’ve pivoted to the health app being for both personal and corporate managed devices, we have not yet changed our end-of-life determinations for Windows. This doesn’t mean we can’t, however. Again, please be sure to share your feedback in one of our official channels so your support for this can be documented!