Will Duo Mobile be given capabilities to replace Microsoft Authenticator for Azure MFA?

In the Passwordless webinar it was mentioned that work is being done to allow Duo Mobile to act as an all-in-one MFA Authenticator. Can anybody speak to whether plans are in the works to allow Duo to act as a full replacement for Microsoft Authenticator for use in Azure Active Directory MFA? Duo Mobile is more user friendly than Authenticator and I’d like to use it exclusively if we expand our use of MFA for Azure resources.

Hi and welcome to the Duo Community! I’m glad to hear you were able to join our recent Passwordless webinar :slight_smile: Your question reminds me of another similar conversation we had here: Azure AD web login MFA and Duo

ETA: I misunderstood both your and the original question I linked.

Yes, the Upcoming changes to Custom Controls Microsoft mentions on their blog will give Duo parity with Azure MFA. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide a timeline around when that would happen, as it is dependent on Microsoft and I don’t have visibility into their project timelines or statuses.
Hopefully that helps though!