Which version of Windows Logon Protection is installed on my servers?

I was tasked to upgrade the Duo Security software on our servers. The installation documentation indicates not to jump versions too much. So I want to find out which versions are installed. Some servers have Duo install and event logs which include version numbers. Others have logs which don’t have version numbers. How do I find out which version is installed? Is it the version number of the file “DuoCredProv.dll”? Something else?

Solved: we can look in the Windows Control Panel to uninstall apps / programs. Look for Duo Authentication for Windows Logon. Choose it: the version is displayed in the description.

And yes, that is the same as the version of the DuoCredProv.dll file.

Hi @aveltstra-mambro, thank you for your post in the community and for following up to share your solution with us!

Looking through our documentation and help articles, it appears you’re right; there doesn’t seem to be a documented way to check which version of Duo Authentication for Windows Logon (RDP) is installed. I’ll talk to our team about adding this in.

If you don’t mind, I’m curious what specifically you are referring to here:

Were you reading the help article which notes that upgrading Duo for Windows Logon from version 1.x to version 4.0 or higher is not supported, or was it something else in our documentation or elsewhere? If you share the link, that helps us know what to look into updating!

Hi Amy!

Thank you for confirming that the existing documentation lists no method to find the installed product’s version number. Thank you for trying to have that added.

Yes, the document you listed is the one to which I was referring.

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Hi again, we went ahead and created a help article so that this answer is officially documented for others to find: https://help.duo.com/s/article/6672

Thanks again for sharing the answer and bringing this to our attention!