Where is the download page for the applications?


I have the MS OWA application installed 6 plus months ago before upgrading my server 2013. Since then no one has replied back to on Duo Securities FB page leaving me completely unsecured and in the dark as to where to locate the download link to down the MS OWA application again?

If I go to applications I see my Microsoft OWA (enrolled), if I remove application (because this is from my old server) and go into “protect an application” then select Microsoft OWA, create a new key, there is no link to download the app, then if hit save, still no option to download the app. Really?



Hi Andrew_English, you can download our OWA installer package from the OWA documentation page: https://duo.com/docs/owa#first-steps

There is a link to the documentation for OWA provided on your application’s properties page in the Duo Admin Panel.



I have managed to download duo-owa-1.2.1.msi from the site after going to documentation, thanks for the info. However after inputting my new secrete key, etc in the installer I keep getting this error:

Does the Duo Security system take time to update?

“We are unable to validate your Duo credentials. Please make sure that you entered your Integration Key, Secret key, and API hostname correctly and that your computer has a working internet connection.”

I am connected to my server remotely, OWA works… So no issue with the internet. I have checked the keys on and everything looks good.



Hey Andrew_English, that error is most often caused by an incorrect key or hostname. But if, as you indicated, you have double-checked that, it may also be caused by your server’s time being out of sync. This article explains how to set your server’s time to NTP on Windows.

Please let me know whether that resolves your issue.


Checked the time on the server and in the environment is fine.

Is is possible when I removed the application before and the re-added that something hung up on DUO Securities servers when I did this?

I tired to even reset the key on reinstall of the application my account but I haven’t touched it yet since, I reset it to confirm something wasn’t as miss on your side.



Hey Andrew_English, can you please contact Duo Support about this issue?