Where do I get the Worldview as seen in your videos?

In looking at some of the training video’s I see a Worldview (map) on the dashboard, how do I enable this?



Hi Bob,

Duo previously had a map in the admin panel that showed the location of where users were authenticating from. This feature was discontinued in 2018 due to a lack of use, so it is no longer available.

If you would like to see this added back to Duo, you can submit an official feature request through your CSM or Account Executive, or by contacting the Duo Support team.

If you have them handy, would you mind sending the links to the training videos where you saw this referenced? We may need to take a look at updating those for the future.

Thanks for the information. I have seen the map in several technical setup videos. Like at 6:40 of the Duo Protection for 365 video FYI.

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