Where can i check uploaded MachineGuid for Trusted Endpoints in Dashboard

Hello, i uploaded a MachineGuid with Duo Script. regarding the Script, the upload was Successfull.

Starting Duo Device Sync Script Version: 1.1.0 Duo_Client Version: 4.4.0
Starting device sync
Attempting to create new cache for mkey: DM9SVOPU9SVZGAZ
New cache created cache_key: DCMRERBLR76ULABV
Attempting to upload devices count: 1
1, devices uploaded
Attempting to activate device cache cache_key: DCMRERBLR76ULABV
Activated device cache cache_key: DCMRERBLR76ULABV
Devices synced: 1

Where can i check the uploaded MachineGuid’s in Dashboard.

br Mike

Hi @demiju1,

There’s no way to view a list of device IDs in a device cache from the Duo Admin Panel UI or with Device API today. Refer to the device list you imported to check the contents of a given cache.

If you’d like to open a feature request for the ability to retrieve or view the device IDs please contact your Duo account manager or customer success team if your organization has one, or reach out to Duo Support.

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