What's the easiest way to change a user's auth method?

Is there a way for me to change a user’s primary auth method from (example) Text to Push from the Admin console? Is the only way to change it for the user, themselves, logon to a resource that prompts them and change it there?

Hi @Seth_Zwicker, welcome to the Community! Thank you for asking your question here. Duo admins currently do not have the ability to modify a user’s default authentication method. We have a feature request for this, which you can ask to be added to by reaching out to Duo Support. Alternatively, if you are a Duo Care customer, your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive can also help you with this.

If you have enabled the self-service portal, your users will be able to change this for themselves by following the steps in this help article: Where can I change my device’s default authentication method? There is also the Duo Device Management Portal, which is a standalone version of our traditional prompt self-service portal.

Some applications will default to push if Duo Mobile is activated for a user’s device. If you want to allow only certain authentication methods for all users, you can accomplish this with the Duo Authenticators Policy settings. I hope that helps! Let us know if you have any follow up questions :slight_smile:

Seth, please reach out to support and up vote the feature request. The data about who selected what authentication method is stored in the Duo database, otherwise how would duo know whether to send the user a push automatically or not. They just need to expose that record for us as administrators to utilize it. We are finding that many of our users who are enrolling are missing selecting this option because the default method is to not automatically send a push. The automatic push is such a great feature of Duo, let us audit it and manage it!

If you like automatic push you’ll be pleased to learn that in the Universal Prompt UI update Duo automatically selects Duo Push the first time a user logs in if that’s an available method, and then sends the push request automatically.

Learn more about the Universal Prompt experience for users, about the upgrade process for administrators, and explore our collection of additional Universal Prompt resources for administrators.

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