What's the amount for the backup credits on default? 500?

Please do duo free plan came with backup credits 500 on default? and what happened if customer have used 10 credits of it while they are on Free plan, and do they need to refill it after they move to MFA plan?

In additional, do they carry forward those 490 credits while after they move to duo MFA (paid) plan?

Thanks team in advance.


Hi @Min ,

It might help for you to review our documentation about telephony credits.

Duo Free plans do not receive backup credits automatically. Like, any paid-plan customer, Duo Free customers may purchase backup credits with a credit card at any time.

If someone upgrades from a Duo Free plan to a paid plan (like Duo MFA), then they receive 100 allowance credits per user in the plan per year. So, a Duo MFA 10-user plan received 100 x 10 allowance credits. Any backup credits already purchased remain intact.

@DuoKristina thank you for your update. The issue has resolved
requester is a cisco partner and their trial account came with 500 backup credits which will not remain while after they upgrade their account to paid MFA paid accounts.

instead, they will get 100 allowance credits(telephony credits) per each users with they paid plan.

again, thank you for your response.