What type of hardware tokens are workign with Duo MacLogon 2.0.0?


we would like to know, what type of hardware tokens are working with Duo MacLogon 2.0.0. The documerntation notes “OTP Hardware Tokens”, but what are those exactly? E.g., can a Yubikey made to work with MacLogon 2.0.0?

Yes, if you have a Yubikey that supports OTP generation, like a Yubikey 5, it can be used to generate OTPs for Duo applications like Duo Unix, Duo for Windows Logon, Duo for macOS, Duo SSO, etc.

A Duo admin needs to import the Yubikey information into the Duo Admin Panel and then assign that imported hardware token to a user.

More info about the OTP hardware token import process here: https://duo.com/docs/administration-devices#managing-otp-hardware-tokens

More info about Yubikeys + Duo here: Duo Administration - Configuring YubiKeys for OTP use with Duo | Duo Security

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Thanks @DuoKristina - I will get some Yubikey 5s and check that out.

One quick follow-up question… the setting for skipping Duo MacLogon when a smartcard is inserted would still be left to “false”?

Thanks, Stephan

Yes, if the intent is to use the Yubikey as an token for Duo and not instead of Duo auth.

Just for the sake of completeness… the old Yubikey 4s do also work just fine and the setup is really easy.

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