What training content would you like to see?

We want to hear from you! For our Duo admins and customers, how can we better serve you with training content? What topics and features would you like to see more explicit educational materials for? What do you wish you knew when you first started administering Duo?

We’re specifically interested in admin-facing questions and topics. Otherwise, we are open to any and all suggestions here. Thanks!

I would like to see updated language, updated documentation and a beginners guide. Videos are great for training and more of them would be nice. How to work with policies as well.

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Thanks for your feedback, @DonnaRoehrig! Could you tell me more about what you mean by updated language? Do you need a guide for admins, end-users, or both? Is there specific documentation that you would like to see updated?

You may already be familiar with our resources on policy, but if not, please give these a look.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how these could be improved since you mentioned policies.

I would like to see training on rolling out Duo via Microsoft Group Policies instead of installing it on each individual machine. Especially if it is geared towards Admins that are not necessarily IT people (me!). Thanks

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Hey @kmayer we have guidance documented here, is there anything we could augment this with to add additional value for you?

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There is a good chance that in the 6 – 18 months we will switching servers and will need to touch each workstation as a part of the change. I would like to be able to deploy Duo at the server level as the way I have it loaded now means
users could actually go in and remove the program.

We use Microsoft RDP currently.

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