What are your favorite security podcasts?


As a huge podcast fan and fledgling security nerd, I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations for series or episodes they especially like. I love Radiolab the most, so Darkode is my biggest must-listen so far.

What else should I be enjoying/learning from?


I’ve been listening to Security Weekly and Security Now by TWIT.


My favorite is Patrick Gray’s Risky Business. Link here; http://risky.biz/netcasts/risky-business

My reasoning for liking this podcast is that Patrick is a no FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) kind of person who understands the space and is technical enough to know when an issue is being over-hyped vs. something important. He typically has a lot of interesting guests on his podcast as well.


Yeah I agree, I think Risky Business is fairly popular with everyone in Labs.