Welcome to the Training Forum!

Greetings folks!

Welcome to the dedicated training area of the Duo Community! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Tab, and I am the new Customer Education Specialist here at Duo. I’ve done a wide variety of customer training and support enablement over the past 8 years, and started at Duo earlier this year. I love my job and am happy to be the administrator and learning experience designer for Level Up, our new self-service learning platform for Duo administrators.

My goal is for us to use this space to collaborate on how we can make Duo easier to learn and teach for folks deploying and supporting Duo at their organizations. Since I’m new here, I would love to hear your stories about how you educate others on Duo and security best practices in your own organizations. What types of courses would you like to see? What are the biggest training challenges your teams face today? How can we make the learning experience better for you and your team?

I am excited to hear your perspective and looking forward to working with you. Feel free to introduce yourself below! :grinning:

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