Welcome to the Duo Community


Welcome to the Duo Community!

One of the central aims of the Duo Community is to provide a hub for discussion about making the most of Duo products. We also want to learn about your best practices for introducing Duo to your organization. In addition, we want to foster broader conversations regarding topics and security challenges that involve the industry as a whole.

The Duo Community will allow end users, admins, Duo Labs’ security research team, and the general public to engage with each other in a unified, easy-to-use forum. Duo-made content, such as product updates, blog posts, and Labs research will also be shared in the community.

Here are a couple common questions about the community we think you might want answered right away:

Is this a support tool?
Due to the highly sensitive nature of Duo’s product and security in general, we will not allow advanced troubleshooting (such as posting of configuration files, logs, etc.) of issues within the forums. While we love our helpful user community, those issues should be resolved by referencing our documentation and knowledge base, or by contacting our Support Team.

Where do I submit feature requests?
The Duo Community should not be used to submit feature requests. These requests should be shared with the Duo Support Team or your Customer Success Manager (if you are a Duo Care customer with a CSM).

Does this require a Duo login?
A Duo login is not required to access the forum. The forum is publicly viewable to anyone. Participation will require registering via email address or social network sign-in. We want the forum to be accessible to anyone at an organization using Duo, potential customers, and people interested in security.

Is the forum moderated?
Yes, a combination of Duo and community-sourced moderations will make sure the forum’s conversation stays civilized and meaningful. Our moderation team will also ensure that sensitive conversations around security can take place without becoming potential breach vectors of their own.

Where can we submit feature requests?
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