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I would love to have an MSP webinar surrounding protecting Google Workspaces (formally GSuite)
Reading the docs there is a note stating “If you are using Google as your SAML IdP for Duo Single Sign-On you cannot protect that same G-Suite account with Duo Single Sign-On.”

GSuite also have a “Login Challenge” in addition to MFA, how does Duo address this?

Are there any recommendations, or other considerations when working with GSuite clients?

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Hi @ITEM93, thanks for sharing this webinar request with us! I let @ekduo, our Head of Sales for Duo MSP, know about your interest in a webinar on this topic. She will have a partner manager reach out for a call with an SE to assist you further with this.

From the Google Workspace Admin Help page under Enable login challenges with SSO, if you choose to set up post SSO verification using a policy on the Google admin side and you have Google two-factor authentication configured, then users will be prompted Google 2FA after authenticating with Duo to log in to Duo SSO. Users without Google 2FA enabled will be blocked from logging in in this scenario.

If you set up post SSO verification and do not have Google 2FA configured, then users may still be subject to additional verifications as determined by Google after successfully authenticating with Duo to log in to Duo SSO. Our internal team is testing this right now to explore what those additional verifications are, so if there is any more info we learn, I’ll update you in this thread.

Hopefully that makes sense. Let me know if anything isn’t clear! As for other recommendations and considerations, again the partner manager and SE will help with this, but you can also browse our help articles on Google Workspace / Gsuite for tips.


Hi @Amy thanks so much for this, just hoping to add some ideas for more of the amazing MSP webinars that we’ve had this year.

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