Web Accessibility: Why It’s Important and How You Can Get Started


The Internet is a wonderful thing, but there are millions of people who are denied full access to it because of the way most web pages and applications are built today. Typical web interactions rely on a lot of assumptions about a user’s needs and abilities, and many of these assumptions lead to inaccessible content. Disability affects at least 10% of the world population, according to disability experts Sarah Horton and Whitney Quesenbery in A Web for Everyone.

Designing a functional application that can serve everyone and communicate information in a variety of ways is important at Duo, where we have been learning from accessibility experts, usability testing, user personas and more.

Read Anna Nuxoll’s post on the Duo Blog to learn more about accessibility and its role in Duo’s product design.


We’ve also documented how accessibility is integrated into our product here:

Accessibility and Duo