VPN timeout/no push on cellphone

Hey guys,

I am trying to use DUO for VPN on my ASA. So I have configured the Auth proxy and it seems correct but for some reason I am not able to login using VPN and not getting any DUO push on my cell phone, neither are there any logs on Duo Admin panel.
I have ran this command too and have no error in it connectivity seems to be alright in it too. ```
“C:\Program Files\Duo Security Authentication Proxy\bin\authproxy_connectivity_tool.exe”

What could be the issue here, ?

Your best first step is to enable debug logging on the Authentication Proxy, then try the auth again and look at the log output.

Is the request arriving at the proxy?
Is it trying to perform primary auth and does that succeed?
Is it sending the secondary auth request to Duo’s service?

This article includes a variety of proxy log messages with explanations of possible causes.

Also don’t forget that you need to enroll your end-user account in Duo separately from your admin account.

Thanks for trying Duo.