VPN connection with DUO proxy issue after domain password changed

changed the password recently, i failed to connect to VPN by DUO auth,
i checked DUO authentication proxy logs, found the error message as belows
“Cannot decode password using the configured radius_secret. Please ensure the client and Authentication Proxy use the same shared secret.”
i tried to restart the service, but still no luck.

any idea? please help.


Hi @tjiang, this error means the RADIUS shared secret is incorrect. To resolve this, please verify that the shared secret is correctly entered in both radius_secret_1 (or 2-n) field in the config file and on your appliance. If you have encrypted this password, we recommend testing with a plain text password to verify everything works, then encrypting it later. If you are using an encrypted secret or password, be sure to use the “protected” version of the parameter in the config file.