Vmware Horizion with Duo 2FA Clarification


Hello community.

We are building a new VMware Horizion 7 environment and plan to incorporate Duo 2FA.

I need some clarification on using Duo 2FA with VMware Horizon 7. I’ve read the special section already about configuring the Connection server to Duo.

In testing Duo 2FA for general purpose, my co-worker had to install a Duo Agent on the Windows server. This tested fine.

In my VDI environment, I just need to configure Duo on the Connection Server portion as per the guide.

I do not need to install the Duo agent on my VDI desktops. Is that a correct statement?

Another question. What about the VMware UAG appliance. Do I have to do any configuration on the the UAG to make Duo work?

Thanks in advance.


It sounds like your co-worker installed Duo for Windows Logon on his Windows server. This is a wholly independent application from RADIUS for VMWare View. There is no dependency between the two.

We don’t have any instructions published for VMWare UAG, but here is VMWare’s instructions for RADIUS authentication in UAG: