Various Report Enhancements

Hi all,

I hope I am posting this in the correct section.

I would like to know if there is any options or roadmap to increase the number of reports or customisation of the reports.

for example, on the Bypass users report, is it possible to include the date they went onto bypass and also the reason that is in the comment box, or add a separate field that needs to be completed for the bypass reason, possibly to allow customisable reasons.

I am happy to discuss in more detail if required.



Hi Steve, thanks for sharing your question here in the Duo Community!

While there are a number of feature requests that exist today about the reporting capabilities in Duo, there is no public roadmap we can share at this time. I’m also not aware of any options today to customize the reports.

This is not currently possible today.

We have some various guides on reading the different Duo logs and reports, which you can access from the page linked here.

f you’d like to file a request(s) for specific functionality, we always welcome new ideas! You can do so by contacting Duo Support, or your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive if you are a Duo Care customer. I hope that helps! They’ll be able to flush out the idea further with you in discussion as well to ensure it’s properly documented for the team.