Using phone and hardware token online and offline

I’m trying to use a Yubikey Nano 5 as an alternate authentication method in addition to a Duo push. I have everything setup to use the Nano offline, but trying to login to Windows while online results in a push to my phone and “Phone Call” and “Passcode” are greyed out. If I wait for the push to expire, I can put in a passcode, but pushing the Nano to put in the key results in a “Incorrect Passcode” error. Offline authentication using the Nano works fine, but I can’t use it for online access. Any ideas?

During the duo install there is a checkmark to be placed in one of the options as it is setting everything up on your computer. I had the same issue and had to reinstall to find the proper spot because I did not see it in settings I only saw it as I was setting it up.

Yeah, I’ve gone over those settings and they are all checked. Not sure what’s going on, but everything is greyed out when I get the DUO 2FA screen and I automatically get a push.