Using Duo for Windows Login on an Azure VM?

Hi all - I have a tiny little Azure VM I use here and there for things like mail migrations. I was able to set it up and keep it going for free using my $100/month Azure allowance from my Microsoft Partner Action Pack. But it is a VM, in the Azure Cloud. No domain attachment - no Azure AD Domain Services, no nothing, just one standalone VM that I login to with a local account. Connection is restricted to my home IP by Azure and the account has a very strong password, but I think I would like to install Duo for Windows Login on it to provide MFA for RDP login. Any reason not to do that? Thanks for any help you can provide…

It will totally work! Duo Authentication for Windows Logon is compatible with both local and domain account logons. It is a credential provider called after the Windows password provider.

Also, Duo Authentication for Windows Logon is included in the free Duo personal plan (up to 10 users, albeit with a limited feature and policy set compared to our paid plans.

Great, thanks. I was just a little concerned because it’s an Azure VM.