Using DUO Code for old apps with SSO

Afternoon Everyone -

We’ve been using DUO for a while to protect a number of applications. I’m working on getting SSO working with a Cloud Application. But when I go to sign in, it’s asking me to register my phone again. Is there a way to have the same code rotation work for SSO? This isn’t really feasible for me have all of my users register.


Is your cloud application username different from the username used with the other applications you protect with Duo (like maybe the cloud app uses your email as the username but other apps don’t)?

You can add the cloud application username as a username alias to your existing Duo user account from the Admin Panel. Users may have up to eight aliases.

If you manage your users with directory sync, you can configure a username alias source attribute to import this for all your users (again using that email example, if you already sync sAMAccountName as the username, add the mail attribute as the source attribute for Username Alias 1). AD Sync synced attributes