Using Duo app on Clone Phones

Good day! I’m really hoping and begging to get direct answers since I can’t find what I’m looking for in self-service searches. I am currently using Duo Mobile on a borrowed phone due to the urgency, and now I need to buy my own phone but on a low budget. I know the app works on Android 9 and up, but my concern is, can the app be used in a clone phone or a class A phone? they are not original, but still have quite good specifications. what if I use it with an android 10, but class A phone? i just need to know, because I might need to order online because malls and cellphone stores are currently close due to the lock down/pandemic, so I will not be able to try it personally. I really hope you can assist me with my question. Thank you so much.

Hello there @mafz, great question! Thank you for checking our self-service options for the answer first as well. That’s usually a good place to start.

While we don’t officially support these devices, it is possible Duo Mobile will work on them. However, we cannot guarantee or say for sure as there is no way to know the manufacturer of the device or whether it is running a standard distribution of Android or not.

We have some more words around this in our knowledge base article here, but you likely have already read that since you mentioned you looked through our help resources.

thanks for taking time! appreciate it. :slight_smile: