Using a Swipe Card Reader Instead of Token

This question has been asked before a couple of years ago (Using a Swipe Card Reader: Possible?) , but I’d like to bring it up again as something may have changed.

We would like to use card readers and existing staff ID cards instead of tokens for Duo 2FA authentication into our webapps (not necessarily a Windows workstation login per se). We would like to associate the existing ID card to the user in much the same way that a mobile phone or token is used. Does Duo support this?

Hi lcalex,

Using cards at the Duo Prompt or for other applications is still not supported at this time.

I know you said you are not looking to protect Windows workstations, but for the community’s shared knowledge, you can use a card reader in place of Duo Authentication for this. More information can be found in the help article on smart card logins for Windows Logon.