Users Receiving Multiple Enrollment Emails For EPCS

Greetings all.

We currently have a sub-account for our EPCS-mandated users at our organization. Our setup is two different domains that have users that will need MFA for EPCS activation. The second domain users AD security group contains the users that appear to be experiencing the following reported issue.

A handful of these users in the second AD domain are receiving multiple enrollment emails directing them to enroll a device into EPCS. One user in particular has received multiple emails since their initial inclusion on 19 Dec 19. Since then, they have received additional enrollment emails on 20 Dec 19, 28 Dec 19, 18 Jan 20, and 20 Jan 20.

I’ve noticed that there have been some changes to the format of the Admin Portal. Might there be some sort of change regarding the time-frame where enrollment emails are sent out to unenrolled users as well? Last I recalled the time-frame was these emails were defaulting to being sent every 30 days.

Thanks for any input regarding this matter.

Hi @ButlerKevinD

This sounds like typical behavior if the user in question hasn’t enrolled yet. By default, users receive an email when they are first synced into Duo. A reminder email is sent on Day 2 and Day 10 if they have not yet enrolled, and the link expires on Day 30 with a new enrollment email sent if they are still not enrolled. These all seem to align with the dates you’ve provided here.

We have a help article on this topic that explains in more detail how enrollment emails are sent and when if you’d like to read more.

I hope that helps!


I was just pointed to the Duo Doc shortly after posting this query. I appreciate the prompt reply nonetheless.

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I’m glad you were able to get the answer you needed. Thanks for following up here on the community. Have a great week as well!