Update for DUO on RD Gateway

Is there an update on DUO for Microsoft RD Gateway? I remember being on a conference over a year ago where this was discussed. Part of that was around the hard-coded 8 hour timeout for RD sessions, which I understand you have release reg keys for overriding. But I would imagine I’m not the only one who is reluctant to do a reg hack for this product that’s a critical part of our infrastructure.

During that call, the message I took away was that you were planning an update for RD Gateway. And, in addition to the timeout, we might be able to regain support for RAP and CAP policies again, which would also be a benefit.

Is there still an update in the works? Is there any kind of timeframe we can be made aware of?

Hi @shawnrasmussen, I can understand your reluctance in not wanting to make those changes as it’s an unofficially supported workaround. While we will look at how to have a supportable option for this, work on RDG is not currently on the roadmap at this time. There are a few projects that are prioritized ahead of this based on utilization. There’s no timeframe we can share at this time.

I just saw this and I wanted to voice my support for better options, both the timeout (I had to do the registry hack) and return of CAP/RAP (I’m currently having trouble with RemoteApp, likely due to not being able to authorize published app within CAP/RAP). I suspect there are many more of us but are not up in this forum. So, here’s my vote to prioritize Duo for RDG.

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Thanks, John. I’ll make sure you are both documented on the official feature request for this.

If anyone else reading is interested in this, you can request to be added to the official request by speaking with Duo Support or your designated Account Executive or Customer Success Manager if you’re a Duo Care customer.

I am very disappointed that this is not on the roadmap. The reason we purchased Duo in the first place is that you had a supported application for MS RD Gateway. Otherwise we would have just used the MFA that was included in some of the other applications we already use. As other applications, and Windows Server, moves forward while Duo stands still, it becomes less and less viable to stay with Duo.