Unknown Devices

No matter what I try all devices are showing up as unknown. Any ideas what needs to change in my network or if I’m overlooking something. I believe I’ve followed all the documentation but nothing is working.

Hi @works2020 ,

If you are referring to 2FA devices showing up as “unknown” in your Duo Admin Panel, please see the following: Why would a device show up as “Unknown” in Device Insight in the Duo Admin Panel?

Hope this helps!

I’ve read this over ten times now which doesn’t offer any solution. Have anything else that will actually fix the problem :slight_smile:

I’m not sure it’s clear what the problem is from your first post.

  1. What kind of devices are these? User 2FA devices (like phone) or access devices (like the computers where users access applications)?
  2. Where are the devices showing as “unknown”? Is it in the Device Insight reports or elsewhere?
  3. How were these devices created?
  4. What documentation did you follow?
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  1. Both computers and phones.
  2. Under Trusted Endpoints
  3. Created the user in Duo, added their phone number and activated Duo from the admin panel.
  4. All that I’m aware of from the Knowledge Base

Ah, ok. The “unknown” there means that Duo wasn’t able to determine whether a device is trusted or untrusted, usually because a device hasn’t accessed an application that features the Duo interactive web prompt. Only the Duo prompt in a browser can evaluate or block access based on a device’s trust status in Duo. Applications that don’t show the web prompt, like Duo for Windows Logon, don’t perform the trusted endpoints check and won’t update a device’s trust status in Duo. There is some more information about that here.

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