Unable to use U2F when logging in as Duo Admin / Owner

When logging into my DUO admin dashboard as the account owner, I’m not given the option to use a U2F key. I’ve checked the “Admin Login Settings” and every option is checked.

Hi there, U2F authentication is not currently supported for Duo Admin Panel logins. There is more info in this help article “What secondary authentication device options are available to administrators for Duo Admin Panel logins?” You could use a hardware token instead and/or a phone.

Oh…wow, would be interesting to know the thought process that went into that decision. That is good to know. Thanks! Hope this is coming soon.

There isn’t really a reason other than we simply haven’t gotten to it yet! :slight_smile: There is a feature request out there for this, and your Account Executive, Customer Success Manager, or Duo Support can share more info with you on the latest status, as well as add your name to the request if it is not already. Thanks for your interest!